Flare Path

Flare Path
by Terence Rattigan
directed by Nicki Pope

1942, Europe at war, lives being lost, families torn apart - but love will conquer all - or will it… At a hotel on the Lincolnshire coast, Teddy a bomber pilot celebrates a reunion with his wife Patricia.

They are thrown into upheaval when Patricia's ex arrives and an urgent bombing mission is ordered. Patricia also meets Doris, married to a Polish Count, who is one of two pilots not to return from the bombing mission.

Hearing the Count's last letter, she realizes how important her decision is… Who will make the sacrifice during the long night, as she finds herself at the centre of an emotional conflict as unpredictable as the war in the skies?

This is a story of love and loyalty, courage and fear. "A shattering ensemble work in which every detail glows with truth, compassion and humanity, and where every seemingly ordinary second of life in an existence hemmed in by the ever-present threat of death is charged with humanity"

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