The Effect

The Effect

by Lucy Prebble

directed by Samantha Powell

This compelling play asks what makes us us.  

We're in a drugs-trial unit where volunteers are trying an antidepressant. A psychiatrist is present but the audience are really the ones really keeping watch.

The story revolves around two volunteers, psychology student Connie and flirty drifter Tristan, and the doctors conducting the trial. As the medics increase the dosage, Connie and Tristan find themselves attracted to each other but they struggle to work out whether their feelings are real or a side effect of the drug.

If our emotions are manipulated by chemicals, does that make them less real, less valid, less an expression of who we are? If a chemical causes us to lose our memory, what remains of our personality? Are we the sum total of our vital organs or does our brain harbour some extra element that gives us an identity?

Lucy Prebble has come up with an ingenious variation on one of the more common romantic formulas in fiction: Put two attractive people in an unfamiliar hot-house environment, and see what blooms.

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